Turquoise, teal green design silk satin infinity, loop, or circle scarf twisted in front
Teal and Turquoise Look Great on Everyone

Teal Green Silk Infinity Scarf

Soft Comfy Silk Satin

Turquoise and teal green design looks great on anyone.  Soft silk satin infinity or circle scarf is comfortable around the neck, and may be worn simply looped around twice, or with a twist or two.  Won't blow off in the wind!

Handmade in the US

Each of our silk infinity scarves is hand dyed by Warren Hartz, the artist, and sewn by Edie, his wife in Washington State, USA.  Fine quality silk from China is stretched on a hand made wood frame.  Dyes are blended on with Sumi brushes, and salt is sprinkled evenly while dyes are still wet, creating an appealing raindrop pattern as it dries.

Shipping: Within the US, any size order - $4 First Class Mail, $9 Priority. Canada $14, International $17 plus some countries may charge a VAT import fee upon receipt.

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