Pre-Order: 1-3 weeks Unique hand painted silk ties with mountains, forested ridges and waterfalls.  An artistic hand crafted Pacific Northwest gift.
Unique Hand Painted Silk Neckties

Hand Painted Silk Mountain Tie

Handcrafted Pacific Northwest Gift

Each tie individually hand painted with dyes by Pacific Northwest silk artist Warren Hartz. A unique handcrafted gift for an outdoor nature lover.

Unique Silk Mountain Painting Tie

Snow covered mountains, forested ridges and waterfalls totally represent the Cascade and Olympic mountains. If you want a specific mountain, email me a photo, keeping in mind how vertical ties are.  This is one of my favorite designs, but I am all out right now.  If you order one I can dye it for you.

Shipping: Within the US, any size order - $4 First Class Mail, $9 Priority. Canada $14, International $17 plus some countries may charge a VAT import fee upon receipt.

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  • Availability: Pre-Order: 1-3 weeks
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