hand dyed silk satin peacock color pareo wrap blue, green and purple tied in front
Sewn & Dyed in the US

Jewel Tone Silk Wrap

Popular Peacock Colors

Blue, purple and green grace this elegant hand dyed silk satin wrap. Wet dyes painted on silk with sumi brushes are sprinkled with salt for a natural looking raindrop pattern. Our own unique design, sewn and dyed in the US.

Versatile for Business, Travel, or Special Occasions

Tie as a shawl, ruana, pareo or sarong to fit your style. Hand washable, colorfast, soft and luxurious with rich colors and a sheen that sparkles in the light.

Shipping: Within the US, any size order - $4 First Class Mail, $9 Priority. Canada $14, International $17 plus some countries may charge a VAT import fee upon receipt.

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