Ordering, Shipping, Returns & Privacy Policy

Ordering:  Items in stock we can mail in a day or two.  Call or email if you want to know what I have in stock or how long a particular item will take.  Most items can usually be dyed in 1-3 weeks.  Let us know if you need it by a certain date.

On our checkout page, you can either pay
1) using your PayPal Account, which we prefer as it makes shipping labels easy to print
2) using a credit card
3) check "Call us with Credit Card" in the Payment Method box.
Click "Confirm Order" which saves your order information, then call us with your credit card.

If you get our answering machine, start talking as we often screen our calls due to large numbers of telemarketers.

4) You can also call us and order by phone with Visa, MC, or Discover at 360-793-0691, 8am to 9pm Pacific Time (11am to midnight Eastern Time.)
5) If you live in the Skykomish Valley, we might be able to meet you nearby.

If  you live in Washington State, our checkout adds 9.5% sales tax.

The blank text box at checkout may be used to specify:
1) if you need your product by a certain date
2) colors or design
3) other details you'd like us to know.
You may also email us at welhartz@msn.com or call us.

Shipping: We charge a flat $4 for first class mail and $9 for Priority Mail in the US.
We usually ship orders in a bubble envelope from Index, Washington.

International Shipping: Order at your own risk. USPS does provide tracking to about 36 countries, which can help to find a package that gets lost. Mailing to Canada, Australia, NZ and the UK seems to be reliable and usually takes 10 days to 1 month, depending on customs. But I have had packages to Italy and South Africa disappear in transit and never arrive, possibly confiscated by customs. Current rates are $15 US to Canada and $17 US to all other countries.
Note: Countries in Europe usually charge a VAT tax, which you may have to pay to pick up your package.

Items in stock will normally be mailed in 1 to 3 days. If not in stock, we'll dye and mail it in 1 to 4 weeks, depending on the design and how busy I am.  We will email you within a few days to let you know when to expect it.
If you live in our area and want to meet us to pick up your order, and you pay with:
1) PayPal - we'll refund the $4 shipping when you pick it up
2) cash or check - you can pay us when you pick it up (minus the $4).

About our hand dyed products and website: We make an effort to accurately represent our products on this website. As each item is a hand dyed work of art, colors and patterns will naturally vary some from one item to the next, especially with browns, as there are so many colors involved.  Scarf sizes may vary a little.

Silk is a natural fiber, and there are occasionally minor flaws in the weave, which are not usually noticeable unless scrutinized closely. Warren uses mostly Jacquard and Pro Colour silk dyes and we steam and dyeset our silks to make them colorfast. Wash by hand in cool water and color bleeding will be minimal.

Returns: We want you to be happy with your purchase. If an item does not fit right, is not the right color, or does not work for you, call or email us, and mail it back in original resell-able condition.  We can exchange it for a different size, color or item, or give you a refund, minus the shipping.

Privacy: Our checkout is secured by SSL to protect your personal information.
Processing is through PayPal or Square, so we do not process or store any credit card data on our website.
We only use the information you give us to process your order, and if you choose, to keep you informed of new products or YouTube videos.  We don't give or sell your information to anyone else.