Cascade Mountains, Where we Live

Posted by Warren 12/31/2015 0 Comment(s)

Mts. Index and Persis, Washington USA

We love the peacefulness of the Cascade Mountains.  It's a challenge living here at times, but well worth it for the sheer beauty, the wildness, being close to the marvelous creation that the earth is.

North Fork Skykomish River in Winter

Spectacular scenery never gets tiring.

We do get about 100" of rain a year, so many days all we see is ridges of trees in the fog.

At night we hear the soothing background of the river.

Once in a while we hear coyotes howling after the train blows it's whistle, which of course gets the dog riled up.

It's especially quiet when it snows, which seems to have a dampening effect.

sunlight through foggy trees in the morning

I love the sun filtering through the trees on a foggy morning.

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